Nipplicious Nipple Arousal Gel Strawberry Cupcake 1oz

Nipplicious Nipple Arousal Gel Strawberry Cupcake 1oz

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  • Product Sku: WT2580
  • Manufacturer: Hott Products
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: October 5, 2012


Stimulate your nipples to the EXTREME with this tingly, tasty nipple arouser. Spread it on, lick it off and drive them wild!

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Certainly adds to the sex play in the bedroom. It drives me crazy when my bf nibbles and sucks on them after putting on this cream. He loves the taste too.

Anonymous - April 1 2015


Already have clitoral cream for more enhanced sensation down there, so why not get arousal cream for my nipples too. Feels amazing when my bf nibbles on them, and adding nipple clamps makes it totally over the top erotic.

Anonymous - February 23 2015

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